We have built a long-term relationship with OUTBLAST; they accompany us in the strategic and operational development of each of our digital projects.

Fauchon K.K.

Aymeric Lozac'h

COO Japan

Marketing Strategy

Since our partnership began in 2017, we have achieved significant milestones together; the successful launch of the FAUCHON fromage brand in 2020 and the inauguration of the new FAUCHON Hotel in Kyoto in 2021. The Introduction of the FAUCHON Fromage brand marked a significant milestones, expanding our collaboration and bringing exceptional cheese products to the Japanese market.

Through the synergy of our expertise and FAUCHON's passion, we successfully introduced a new chapter to the FAUCHON legacy in Japan, enriching the culinary experiences of their customers. The opening of the FAUCHON hotel in Kyoto was an expansion of our partnership, marking our entry into the realm of luxury hospitality.

Content Production

Every month, OUTBLAST undertakes either a video or a photo shoot specifically tailored for the publication on FAUCHON's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LINE.

Social Media Management

OUTBLAST is the exclusive manager for FAUCHON's social media platforms, bearing full responsibility for planning and posting a minimum of three weekly updates and daily stories. In addition to the content from Paris, we also provide original content and actively engage with the Japanese followers.

Influencer Relations

We strategically promote FAUCHON's content, collaborating with local KOLs to maximize reach and impact.

Website Development and Performance

We oversee the optimization and management of the FAUCHON.jp website through Wordpress.

Media Buying

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