Marketing Strategy

OUTBLAST is actively collaborating with MELLERIO to craft and execute a robust digital marketing strategy on the Japanese market. Since the start of our collaboration in April 2023, we have achieved a full-fledged alignement of MELLERIO's online presence in Japan with the brand essence defined in France. Together we have setup local channels for social media marketing, influencer collaborations, digital press relations, and structured media buying operations around the brand digital flagship. To ensure informed decision-making, we have also implemented data collection touch-points across the consumer journey. This results in meaningful increases in brand awareness, the development of relevant segmented audiences, and the nurturing of repeat engagement through strategic CRM initiatives.

Social Media Management

OUTBLAST is Mellerio's exclusive LINE manager.

Influencer Relations

We maintain a list of influencers for Mellerio brand promotion in Japan. We invite them to participate in events and campaigns. Additionally, we publish one article per month on PR Times and seek collaborations with digital press outlets.

Website Development and Performance

Media Buying

OUTBLAST manages digital advertising campaigns within the allocated budget to effectively promote Mellerio in Japan.

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