OUTBLAST's knowledge of the local culture is key to our digital communication on the Japanese Market. It clearly wouldn't be the same without them!

Nicolas Feuillatte

Sébastien Jandon

Asia Pacific Area Manager

Marketing Strategy

Through consistent collaborations with local KOLs, localized content production, media buying, and the launch of exclusive Japan-only products, we have achieved remarkable results.

Content Production

Quarterly, we conduct a video shoot and photo shoot specifically for publication on Nicolas Feuillatte's social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LINE.

Social Media Management

In our role as the exclusive social media manager, we publish three weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, along with at least one monthly post on LINE, all while actively engaging with followers. Additionally, we organize quarterly social media campaigns to boost engagement and reach.

Influencer Relations

We curate a roster of influencers for Nicolas Feuillatte brand promotion in Japan, extending invitations for their participation in events and campaigns.

Website Development and Performance

We prepare and publish a column on enhancing SEO strategies on the Nicolas Feuillatte website, while also taking responsibility for the creation of banner images.

Media Buying

On a monthly basis, we execute social media and SEA digital advertising campaigns to elevate awareness of Nicolas Feuillatte.

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